NPCs, or Non-Playable Characters, are various characters that you will meet along your journey. This includes merchants and guides.

Recurring characters

  • Vendie: A sentient vending machine that offers various items. You will meet him constantly throughout your journey, so keep an eye out for him! He is crucial to your progression.
  • The Mafia: A gang of criminals that exploit others to get what they want. You can find them at any bar or alleyway. These delinquents offer much more helpful and powerful items, however they will demand ridiculous amounts of money for the items. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do...
  • Dog of Wisdom: A corgi who dispenses wisdom from his mighty wisdom tooth. You will find him in the dojo of any zone, where he will help you if you get stuck, or need to improve your skills in combat.
  • Gerbachanglio: A mysterious, eccentric man. Upon gathering seemingly random items for him, he will give you his special brew in return.
  • Nurse: A usually female character that offers to heal your party, and some medications. Nurses can be found in any pharmacy.