In this page you can find math relevant to the game. These formulas are not exactly neccessary, but they can help with better comprehension of diverse values present in the game.

Luis Edit

Oxygen Tank

Oxygen Tank is an ability present in the Scuba costume which heals for 3% max HP (+1% per 3% missing health) during the next 5 turns.

To figure out how much is the healing, we may look at the next problem (followed by its solution):

Let's say that Luis has 1800 HP as his max HP value. Currently, he is at 1100 HP, which means additional healing will be included.

Now, since 1800 HP is Luis' max health value, we can represent it as:

  • 1800=100%.

Next, it says that Luis is currently at 1100 HP. To figure out how much % is 1100 HP, then we apply the following:

  • 1800=100%
  • 1100=?%
  • 1800/1100= 1,63
  • 1,63/100= 61,34

In this case, 1100 HP would be 61,34% of Luis' HP, approximated to 61%. Since 39% HP is missing, this means the additional healing would be 13% (because 39/3=13). Since the original base healing is 3%, then this means total healing would be 16% (3% from base healing + 13% from additional healing.) Health restored would be:

  • 1800 is the max HP value.
  • 1100 is the current HP value.
  • 16% is the total healing.
  • 16*1800=28800
  • 28800/100=288.

Then, this means that the healing if 39% HP was missing would be 288 HP.

Frozen FlaskEdit

Since Frozen Flask deals 70% increased damage to frozen objectives, we can do the following:

Let's say Frozen Flask's base damage is 340. It freezes the objective, so how much damage would the next Frozen Flask deal? Simple:

  • 340+70%=578.

In this case, Frozen Flask would deal 578 dmg to frozen objectives.

Gelid ArmorEdit

Damage reduction:Edit

Protected ally receives 255 dmg. Gelid Armor grants 45% damage reduction, so basically:

  • 255-45%=140,25. 

Then, this value is approximated to 140, which means the ally would take 140 damage.


Let's say that the ally is at 50% health. The health of that ally is 1400, so naturally the 50% would be 700. Now, Gelid Armor heals for 2% of missing health, so we basically do:

  • 2% of missing health (700 in this case): 14.

Now, the ally also restores the 50% of damage received. Let's say, in this case, that an ally received 450 damage, so naturally:

  • 50% of 450: 225.

Then, this means that the ally would restore:

  • 14+225=239. 

239 HP in total.


Wall of SunEdit

This is a move that lasts 6 turns and, along with inflicting Burned, deals an additional 5% of the enemy's current health, rather than its base health.

Let's say the enemy is a type that is not strong against or weak to Fire, such as Lightning. It also has a base health of 2000. Burned deals an average of 10 damage.

5% of 2000 would be 100, so 110 damage is dealt in the first round. This leaves the enemy with 1890 health left. Assuming the enemy takes no additional damage from anything else, approximately 105 damage is dealt in the second round, leaving the enemy with 1785 health left.

In the third round, which is when Burned wears off, 99 damage will be dealt, of course rounding up to the nearest whole number. 1686 health will be left. Three rounds left.

The fourth round, keeping in mind that Burned has worn off, will deal 84 damage. We have 1602 left. In the fifth round, 80 damage will be dealt, leaving the enemy with 1522 health. The sixth and final round will have dealt 76 damage.

So in the end, the enemy will be left with 1446 health. A total of 474 damage has been dealt.

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