Magical Vegtibles - The Game

Magical Vegtibles: The Game is an RPG in the works. The release date is being determined, and is currently under the supervision of Thatcher and Luis.


Coming soon.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Luis
  • Thatcher
  • Josh
  • Dawniee
  • Shaira
  • Sam


  • FireFire
    • Strong against: Plant and Ice
    • Weak to: Water, Earth, and Wind
  • EarthEarth
    • Strong against: Fire, Poison, and Lightning
    • Weak to: Wind, Water, and Plant
  • WaterWater
    • Strong against: Fire and Earth
    • Weak to: Plant and Lightning
  • WindWind
    • Strong against: Fire, Earth, and Fairy
    • Weak to: Lightning, Ice, and Psychic
  • LightningLightning
    • Strong against: Wind and Water
    • Weak to: Earth
  • DarknessDarkness
    • Strong against: Psychic and Poison
    • Weak to: Fairy
  • FairyFairy
    • Strong against: Darkness and Dragon
    • Weak to: Poison and Wind
  • PlantPlant
    • Strong against: Water and Earth
    • Weak to: Fire, Ice, and Poison
  • IceIce
    • Strong against: Dragon and Wind
    • Weak to: Fire
  • PsychicPsychic
    • Strong against: Poison and Wind
    • Weak to: Darkness
  • PoisonPoison
    • Strong against: Fairy and Plant
    • Weak to: Ground, Psychic, and Darkness
  • DragonDragon
    • Strong against: Dragon
    • Weak to: Dragon, Ice, and Fairy

Character AbilitiesEdit

Below is a list of the characters' abilities (with no outfits).


Element: Ice

  • Frozen Flask
  • Cost: 45 SP
    • Throws a cold flask at the enemy that breaks upon impact, causing damage and splash damage. It has a 90% chance to freeze the enemy. Frozen Flask deals 70% additional damage against frozen objectives.
  • Gelid Armor
  • Cost: 40 SP
    • During the next two turns, all allies earn 45% damage reduction. If enemies land an attack on a protected ally, the foe has a 50% chance to be frozen. Gelid Armor restores health per turn equal to 2% of missing health + 50% of damage received.
  • Frozen Tomb
  • Cost: 65 SP
    • Self cast or casting on allies: During the next turn, selected ally or Luis is frozen. In this turn, the objective restores 75% of its health and 50% of its skill points. Ice shards grow from the tomb, causing damage to nearby foes with a 60% to freeze them.
    • Casting on enemies: During the next two turns, the selected enemy is frozen and it takes base damage + damage equal to 10% of its max health. In those turns, 5% of skill points are also drained from the objective. Ice shards grow from the tomb, causing damage to all foes with a 60% chance to freeze them.


Element: Fire

  • Flame Spit
  • Cost: 35 SP
    • Acts like a weaker and more controlled flamethrower. Depending on the health and element of an enemy, this will either deal heavy or light damage, and may inflict Burned.
  • Heated Body
  • Cost: 25 SP
    • Choose an ally or cast on yourself. Permanently increases Burned resistence by 5%, and can stack up to 95%. Thaws the selected ally.
  • Wall of Sun
  • Cost: 35 SP (initially) + 2% of current SP per turn
    • Surrounds an enemy in a cylinder of living fire. Inflicts Burned and the enemy will take damage equal to 5% of its current health. Has a 40% chance to inflict Burned on adjacent enemies.


Element: Lightning

  • Lightning Rod
  • Cost: 40 SP
    • Casts a bolt that strikes upon the foe, causing damage and paralyzing it. The bolt chains to other foes, causing small damage. Lightning Rod also proportions Josh 15% damage reduction against lightning abilities during the next two turns.
  • Volt Cage
  • Cost: 35 SP
    • Josh shields himself up for 3 turns, gaining 35% damage reduction meanwhile. Foes attacking Josh take 30% damage back. Two electric orbs travel around the shield. Those orbs pop when the enemy attacks Josh. If the two orbs are popped, then the duration of the shield is refreshed and it lasts for 1 turn more.
  • Slicing Storm
  • Cost: 45 SP (initially) + 3% of current SP per turn
    • Josh casts a powerful storm that lasts on the battlefield for 3 turns. Lightning starts to strike the foes, causing big damage to the first objective. Lightning chains to other foes, causing average damage. If one foe receives damage from 2 lightning strikes or more, then the foe will be paralyzed.


Element: Fairy

  • Cute Charm
  • Cost: 40 SP
    • Dawniee casts a love spell on the objective. It deals no damage and it inflicts Infatuation on the objective. Infatuation lasts for 5 turns and makes the foe unable to attack.
  • Heart Guard
  • Cost: 50 SP
    • Dawniee casts a supportive spell on her party. Her team's defense doubles, while her own halves. Heart Guard lasts for 8 turns, and takes 3 turns to recharge.
  • Emotional Burst
  • Cost: 60 SP
    • ​Dawniee uses all of her emotions and takes them out on the opponent in a heart shaped burst. 80% chance of Infatuation. Increases Infatuation resist by 25%. Dawniee can only use this move 1-5 times in a battle near the beginning of the game, and eventually can use it without limit.


Element: Water

  • Aqua Prision
  • Cost: 40 SP
    • Shaira creates a bubble that locks the foe during the next two turns, also suspending it. The bubble pops after the time period passes. The foe falls down, taking impact damage and causing minimal splash damage.
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Cost: 10 SP per bounce
    • Shaira liberates a stream of water. This causes initial damage to the objective, then it bounces to the nearbiest ally, healing for the damage dealt (+3% of current health). The water bounces to another foe, causing the same damage and so on. The water can bounce up to 5 times.
  • Tsunami
  • Cost: 70 SP
    • Shaira liberates a powerful tsunami that causes moderate damage to all foes. All foes have a 85% chance to be knocked up for 1 turn. The foe is marked with a Water Emblem, causing them to take 15% additional damage from allies by two turns.

Character outfitsEdit

Outfits are related to something or someone a character likes. Outfits change a character's ability to something related to that outfit.


  • Dragon Trainer: Dragon
    • Flamethrowing Dragon
    • Cost: 40 SP
      • Commands a dragon to attack the selected enemy with a constant stream of flames, causing damage and burning it.
    • Dragon Claw
    • Cost: 40 SP
      • Commands a dragon to bash the foe with sharp claws, causing damage. It has a 50% chance of inflicting bleeding. Units below 35% of their HP take increased damage.
    • Outrage
    • Cost: 45 SP
      • Increases attack by 30% during the next two turns. Other abilites increase their base damage by 40%. Luis drops his defense by 15% for the duration of the effect. When two turns pass, Luis has a 20% chance of being confused for 1 turn.
  • Clairvoyant: Psychic
    • Premonition
    • Cost: 50 SP
      • Luis foresees the fate of the selected objective. After two turns, the premonition is fulfilled and the enemy takes a considerable amount of damage. This damage is increased by 100% if Luis is dead or was defeated in those two turns.
    • Psychic
    • Cost: 45 SP
      • Luis emits a powerful telekinetic wave that causes damage with a 55% chance to decrease the foe's defense by 3 turns. If the enemy is under the effect of Premonition, Psychic causes 10% additional damage, and it earns a 55% chance to confuse the foe.
    • Trick Room
    • Cost: 20 SP
      • Twists dimesions around, creating a weird room. Luis decreases his speed by 75% for 4 turns. This weird room allows slow characters to move first, while fast characters usually move last. This room lasts 3 turns.
  • Computer Scientist: Lightning
    • Corrupted Code
    • Cost: 50 SP
      • Hits the enemy with a corrupt code string that causes average damage. The foe has its coding corrupted for the next 2 turns, causing it to take additional damage from all sources and removing its elemental resistances for the duration of the effect.
    • EMP Frazzle
    • Cost: 55 SP
      • If two or more foes are corrupted, then EMP Frazzle can be casted. EMP Frazzle causes damage to all foes equal to 20% of the max health of the foe with the most HP. EMP Frazzle will corrupt all foes damaged for 1 turn. This ability cannot be recasted instantly.
    • Code Distortion
    • Cost: 40 SP
      • Luis modifies part of the coding, increasing his evasiveness by 75% during the next 3 turns. If an enemy manages to damage Luis, the enemy may be corrupted with a 25% chance. This corruption lasts 1 turn.
  • Scuba: Water
    • Sonar Shot
    • Cost: 40 SP
      • Shoots a detecting device at the selected objective, causing initial damage. For the next 3 turns, the foe cannot evade attacks and positive effects applied on that foe are instantly dispelled, also causing the sonar to trigger, dealing area damage.
    • Oxygen Tank
    • Cost: 35 SP
      • Displays an oxygen tank nearby which connects to Luis. At start of each turn (during the next 5 turns), Luis recovers a percent of his maximum HP, increased by his currently missing HP (up to 30% of additional healing.)
    • Anchor
    • Cost: 50 SP
      • Throws an anchor at the selected objective, causing damage and dragging it towards Luis. The foe remains attached for the next 2 turns, being unable to attack or move. This ability can be recasted in those 2 turns. Recasting the ability causes the foe to be thrown, dealing damage to it when it impacts. If the foe lands on another objective, that objective will also suffer the same damage and both of them will be stunned for 1 turn.
  • DHMIS Green Bird: Wind
    • Quick Peck
    • Cost: 35 SP
      • Deals damage to the selected objective. Regardless of the foe's evasiveness, this attack is unavoidable. High chance of a critical hit.
    • Fresh Meat
    • Cost: 45 SP
      • Choose an ally or cast on yourself. The selected objective will take all of the foe's attacks during 3 turns, but 90% of the damage dealt is returned. If the selected ally (or you) dies within the next 3 turns, then allies will be healed for a percent of the total damage returned.
    • Fly
    • Cost: 55 SP
      • Flies up high and prepares for an aerial attack. After two turns, the attack is performed and it deals damage to two random enemies, dealing heavy damage. Luis will be paralyzed for one turn and he takes small recoil damage.


  • Grass Knuckles: Plant
    • Power Pummel
    • Cost: 45 SP
      • Deals heavy damage to three random enemies and induces a migraine. If played too many times in rapid succession, Grass Knuckles will take moderate recoil damage and become confused.
    • Holo-Flora
    • Cost: 30 SP
      • Gain two random consumables.
    • Root Wall
    • Cost: 35 SP
      • Restores 30 health to the selected ally and inflicts Shielded.
  • Alain: Darkness (this is a tribute to FelixTheJudge)
    • Leeching Palpate
    • Cost: 20 SP
      • ​Deals moderate to heavy damage. Heals self for the amount of damage dealt.
    • Sly Palpate
    • Cost: 40 SP
      • Ignores defense.
    • Shredding Palpate
    • Cost: 80 SP
      • Lowers physical resistance.
  • Karkat Vantas: Water
    • Gene Splice
    • Cost: 55 SP
      • Karkat will alter the genetic code of the selected enemy, either heavily weakening it or allying it for that battle.
    • Shoosh Pap
    • Cost: 35 SP
      • Mutes the selected enemy. 15% chance to fail.
    • Sickle Slice
    • Cost: 40 SP
      • Deals an average damage of 20% of the selected enemy's health. May inflict Bleeding.
  • Mahiru Koizumi: Psychic
    • Wide Angle
    • Cost: 30 SP
      • Snaps a picture of all enemies, including defeated enemies. Displays name + a brief description, element, stats, and any status effects that may be inflicted. May unintentionally flinch enemies.
    • Flash Photography
    • Cost: 35 SP
      • Activates the flash on the camera and snaps multiple pictures, disorienting the selected enemy. Deals light damage and has a high chance to flinch, and may inflict a headache.
    • Scold
    • Cost: 60 SP
      • Has a 90% chance of failing, but will always be a critical, if not fatal, strike and is guaranteed to inflict Haunted if it hits.
  • Punk Rocker: Lightning
    • Amp Boost
    • Cost: 45 SP
      • All allies' speed is boosted by 30% for 2 turns. May self-inflict a headache.
    • Lead Shredder
    • Cost: 45 SP
      • Deals moderate damage to all enemies. If Amp Boost is active, this deals heavy damage and has a chance to inflict Paralysis.
    • Ear-Splitting Solo
    • Cost: 200 SP
      • Deals heavy damage to all enemies, and has a chance to inflict Bleeding on everyone. If Amp Boost is active, this has a 100% chance to be a critical strike and inflict Bleeding on everyone, but may knock out all allies. Using this move is not recommended, especially under Amp Boost's effects, unless you're in a tight situation.


  • Chef: Fire
    • Flaming Frying Pan
    • Cost: 45 SP
      • Dawniee takes her frying pan and heats it up. She then smacks the flaming hot pan into her opponent's face. It has a 70% chance to burn and a 30% to induce a migraine.
    • Smart Cookie
    • Cost: 35 SP (initially) + 2.5% of SP each turn
      • Dawniee makes a batch of cookies and bakes them. This takes 1 turn to complete. After the first turn, Dawniee chucks the hot cookies at the opponent. It has a 50% to burn.
    • Oil 'em up!
    • Cost: 40 SP
      • Dawniee douses the opponent in cooking oil. This douses the opponent, making them susceptible to Fire attacks


  • Hollow Wood Josh: Darkness
    • Dark Roots
    • Cost: 55 SP
      • Josh sends fast travelling roots in a path that cause damage to every enemy they hit. It roots the enemies for 2 turns and it has a 30% chance to inflict haunted.

Character spritesEdit

Will rework soon.


  • In this game, there are many instinces of situational irony.
    • The Dragon element itself. Despite its elusiveness, and units of this element being described as powerful, it is one of the worst offensive and defensive elements.
    • Thatcher's element, even though it fits his personality and hair colour. He has a severe phobia of fire due to an incident involving an oven at a young age.
  • The Darkness icon is the only element icon to have used two colours. The rest use three.

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